.an ongoing stream of a lifetime of memories.

~throwing rocks at the train car

~Babies Bridge

~jumping off stacks of pallets trying to fly

~playing king of the mountain on the mounds of snow behind the fire house

~archway cinnamon cookies in the bread drawer

~tomato soup and grilled cheese at grammy’s house

~ michael and i digging a trench all the way up our front yard to run wire for a lamp post by the road – damn yard was huge

~behind the scenes at st. mary’s cafeteria

~my first halloween dance. i went as a southern belle with a dress i got from the farmers market

~getting a sunburn cleaning the pool and thinking the guys would like me more than the girls who just laid out – so not true

~getting a knife pulled on me, by some older boy, during a brownie meeting

~danielle and i racing down the highway, talking to each on the phone, pretending we were fighting pilots shooting each other

~jumping a fence and hiding from the cops

~dirt ball fights and cornfield forts

~cat scratch fever

~the night the mattress flew out of the truck – twice

~the entire dance floor of the club doing the thriller dance

~thinking i could see through tinfoil

~sitting outside telling ghost stories and hearing what sounded like a shovel being dragged up the driveway – “i’m gonna look – no i’m not!!!”

~listening the here comes peter cottontail with my grandma

~counting down the days till christmas in chalk on my wall

~milkweed and exploring creeks

~trying to catch birds at sunset with a pool net



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