Stand still in the ocean, and the tides will change.

Sit quietly in a room, and the dust will collect.

Do nothing, and nothing will be undone.

Hide and you will seek, give and you will want.


who knows

Crooked life- I find shelter in the wilds by the road
Haunted spider-

How long do you live?

Who will take your place?

I destroy your web so you don’t take control

Running faster
– I am alone in this

You cannot read me-

eraser, make this go away!

my life in pencil.

The things I’ve learned thusfar

That sometimes love is not enough
But it sure makes everything worth it

I’ve learned that our nightmares,
Not our dreams, are more important
For they leave us thankful, not wanting

That it’s the middle steps
Not the first and last, that are harder
For they are the ones we take without celebration

I’ve learned that the older I get
The more I become my parents
Yet for some reason I don’t mind

The things you want

I watched my dream walk out the door
I did not try to stop it-

I couldn’t.
It didn’t want me anymore

The Morning I Left

The morning I left I awoke at 4:30 am
I got in my car on that warm august morning
with the intention of driving 45 minutes to Point Pleasant
to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic.
I got to the boardwalk early, and I sat there
watching the old men walk their dogs,
drinking my Dunkin Donuts coffee wondering if I
would get a ticket where I was parked.
As the morning began to turn grey
I got out and walked to the end of the boardwalk
Where a bench sat perched ready to offer me a front row seat
to the show. I sat there alone watching
as the sun cleared that hazy space just above the horizon,
thinking about all the goodbyes that seemed to fill my recent days.
A half-hour went by and daylight took over.
People came and went in the soft pink light.
Some sat for a moment on the bench next to mine.
Some just turned around and walked away.
I walked back to car with the sun at my back,
not quite feeling any warmth upon my shoulders
Saying yet another goodbye, before catching my plane.

Where Did You Go

Where did you go?
I’ve been waiting for some time
Just in case you wanted to know

I could have been mistaken though
Was that now the clock’s chime?
Where did you go?

I lost sight of you some time ago
With some reason to my rhyme
Just in case you wanted to know

You could have just said no
To that ladder you didn’t have to climb
Oh, where did you go?

The real you began to show
Why did you become less than sublime?
Just in case you wanted to know

I wanted you to go
It did not seem like a crime
Where did you go?
Just in case I wanted to know